About Me

I fell in love with photography 4 decades ago when I made a pinhole camera in grade 1. After I took my first picture, we developed the paper in class and I saw the image come to life. I knew I witnessed something special and have wanted to shoot ever since. Through life’s twists and turns, I ended up with a video camera in my hands and have been making motion photography (aka video) professionally for almost twenty years. I have been running a successful video productions company ever since but my love for photography was always close by in the shadows. As the equipment I use for video and photography merge, I find myself shooting more photography and even went back to shooting film and developing my own images. The magic I felt as a child is in every photograph I take. For the most part, photography has been a personal journey with mostly family and friends as my focus, but I do selective work for others as well. If your interested in hiring me for lifestyle photography, just drop me a line and lets connect.
David Mathew Bonner